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What can I add to my bbq cabin inside?

What can I add to my bbq cabin inside?

Curious about what you can have inside a bbq cabin? Then read on.....

What lurks inside a bbq cabin?  What can I put in there?  What can be supplied with my cabin?  All of these questions and more will be answered in this blog so that you are up to speed with all of this and more when you come and purchase your bbq hut from Scotia Cabins.

A bbq grill

That might seem obvious that a bbq grill would come with a bbq hut, but you would be surprised.  It can also come without one (more on that in a later blog) if needed.  The grill unit sits in the middle, with a chimney attached which goes out the top of the cabin.  There is a hood which is attached with metal poles to the base unit.  The grill has a standard spark guard around it, a grate for where the coals go, and underneath that, an ash pan, which slides in and out on runners.  The grill also comes with a grill, where you can clamp your meat on, and turn from the side, so you are not having to flip it each time, a pot stand, and a hook.

Around the base unit are the tray tables, which can be taken off the unit if needed, and also come with a small cup holder space carved into them.  Once we are away, you do need to give these, and the floor, a coat of yacht or diamond varnish so that it protects against spills and mucky feet (boots or paws!).  The walls and benches don’t need anything done to them internally.

In the 7m and 10m cabins, these units are hexagons, and in the 14m and 17m cabins, they are octagons, so as to mirror the shape of the hut, and be proportionate to the building.

Cushions & Curtains

On the last count, we had 81 different options of cushions colours.  So we are very confident that within that, you will find something you like.  There are options that are block colours, and also our exclusive ‘tartans’ which aren’t tartans at all, more plaids, but were as close as we could get to tartans for our Scottish market.  They have been exceedingly popular since we introduced them 4 years ago.

We have bench cushions, which are designed to fit each bench in each size of cabin perfectly.  Then, there are what are called extender cushions, which are the pads that go onto the lift up parts of the 3 or 4 benches within the cabin to either use as a sleeping pad, or for extra leg support.  These again are designed specifically for the bench and it’s extending part and fit perfectly.

You can also have scatter cushions – as many as you like in whatever colours you want.  This is a great way to add in some colour to the cabin that pop against the wood and the cushions when you pick out colours and tones that match the main bench cushions.

And, if you want a little more privacy, you can have curtains made, in your choice of colour, for the windows in the cabin.  It is tab top style curtains that are available.  We do not supply the poles, but if you have these before we arrive, and chat the installers up, they might put them up for you.


If you fancy adding some real luxury and warmth to your cabin, you will love adding our skins into the cabins.  We have reindeer skins from Finland, or sheep skins we source from the UK.  These are both so cosy and warm to sit on.  I did a whole 4 days of our first Royal Highland Show just sitting on the reindeer skins, and was a toasty as anything, good job as that year was awful for weather!  The reindeer skins tend not to vary too much in colour, the sheep we can be a little more personal with, so whether you wanted all white, browns or a tipped one, we can see what we can do.  It is always dependent on what our suppliers have available at the time though, but will do our best throughout for you.

LED Lighting

Your new bbq cabin can come with LED lighting set at the top of the wall plate, neatly tucked away so that the light is cast up into the roof.  This lighting can be set to any colour of the rainbow, and also set to different speeds, so it can change gently, or if you fancy it, you can get a good old rave or disco going on in there!  Our installers will set this up on the day of installation, and ideally you will have your cable run to the area before we arrive.  We then feed this into the cabin so it is all neat, and then once we are away, if you can get your electrician to come and connect the two, you are then good to go.

Many other people add fairy lights in the roof, and also all of these very clever solar powered lights in and outside the cabin.  We love seeing how people make this personal to them, so please send us your photos once it is all in place and decorated.


We have a pack of bits and pieces that are great to add into your cabin.  They are all made out of wood so fit in with the aesthetics of the cabin really well.  The pack contains a clock, a thermometer, a set of placemats (amount set by the tray tables, a set of wooden kuksas (cups), matchbox and a bottle opener, cunningly disguised as a mobile phone.  If you choose to have this in your cabin, this will be set up for you by the team on the day of installation.

Other extras that are possible

Tall Spark Guard – if your cabin has a bbq grill in it, then it will come with the short one as standard.  Some people choose to have a tall spark guard, to help prevent against sparks coming out.  These are handy if you are burning wood on it.  You need the short one to be able to bbq or else you cannot get the grill in and out.  These can be ordered at the time of the cabin, or if you feel this is needed once you have had your cabin for a while, then it can be sent directly to you also.

Extra windows – each cabin comes with a set amount of windows, but should you want more of these, they can be added in.  Also, the configuration of the walls with windows is not set in stone, you can move these about to work with your own space.  The installation team will ask on the day, so if you can have a think ahead and know before they start, that would be most helpful.

Low threshold door – we know there is a bit of a step in and out of the bbq cabins.  Therefore, for a multitude of reasons personal to you and your situation, if you wanted your cabin to have a low threshold door, this is possible also. If you can discuss this at the point of ordering, as afterwards is harder, albeit not impossible.

Fire baskets – These are perfect for your new bbq cabin.  We do not supply these directly, but a search on a certain large internet site will provide the one you are looking for.  They are around £30 and worth the investment

Bars & Drinks Rack

If you are having a cabin with an extension, what are you using that extension for? For those of you who fancy having their own peedie pub in their garden, then we have a designed bar counter, and a drinks rack that can be added into the cabin.  These are designed to fit the space and slot in.  You just need to let us know whether you want the bar on the left, or the right of the extension and the team can pop this in on the day of installation too.  It will be worth giving the top of the counter a coat of yacht varnish like the tray tables to help against any marks and spills over time.

What would you add in?

From us, that’s all folks!  We have seen some fantastic additions to cabins once they are installed and love seeing what you find to put in them.  One family had giant pinecones from a family holiday long ago, that had been in a box in the attic.  Some clever crafty skills let these be added as décor around their cabin and they look great.  Others have added in more lights, external lights around the edge of their pelmets, created features around the cabins and change them with the seasons, lots and lots of really cool and clever ideas.  Some have cats and dogs who love their owners a lot for getting them a nice, warm comfy house!  And some, just leave it as it is.  There are no rules with your bbq cabin, it is yours to do as you wish, so enjoy it when it arrives, as that part, is the most important.


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