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Things to think about when looking at bbq hut options

Things to think about when looking at bbq hut options

Here are some of our top tips to help you decide which bbq cabin would be best for you

Things to think about for BBQ Cabins

We have compiled this to help you with your decision as to which cabin and supplier is best for you.  Please print and use as you need.

What size should I get?

This is totally up to the size you have available, which is often the dictator in the decision that is made. Yet if you have the space, you can never be wrong with taking the biggest hut you can.  Now that we can extend cabins too, you can really create a very cool space in your garden for your family to enjoy for years to come. Scotia Cabins offers bbq huts in the following sizes: 7m, 10m, 14m, 17m, 10m + Ext, 14m + Ext, 17m + Ext (others are possible, so please ask)

What base should I install?

All of our bases work so that your cabin will then use the natural draw created by the fire.

Frame base – ideal if you have an existing hard area (slabs or monoblocs for example)

Peg base – great if the area is grassed or clear, and if there is slight lumps and bumps and slopes

Concrete base – will need a frame base to go on top of this to help with draw.  Essential for any island or coastal areas

How long is the warranty on the cabin?

A Scotia Cabin has a 10yr warranty on the building.  Other parts of the cabin have different lengths of warranty.  We do insist however that for this to be valid, you must keep up the maintenance of the cabin, which can be as simple as annual staining.  We offer a maintenance package where we can come and stain the cabin, and also a more comprehensive one where we check over the cabin too to stave off any potential issues before they become a thing.  Most people have us come out and stain once a year, and maintain once a year.

What do I need inside the cabin?

As much or as little as you wish!  We can offer cushions, sheep and/or reindeer skins, LED lighting, and a fabulous accessory kit.  Have a chat with us to see what you would like to add in to make your bbq hut very personal to you.

When can my cabin be ready?

Our usual lead in time is 4-6 weeks from ordering.  This can increase at busy times of the year but has never been longer than 12.

We do ensure that your installation goes well on the day, and sometimes we have to rearrange last minute for weather issues.  We cannot build in snow, ice, or if very wet or stormy.  We do our best to plan for this, and also to keep you informed if there is a change.  We appreciate it can be a short term disappointment, yet we know from experience that delaying always gives a much better result in the long run.  It is never for long if we have to do this.

How does the cabin arrive for installation?

The cabin arrives on a trailer, driven by a 4x4, so we can get as close as possible to the site.  

It is windy where I live, will the cabin stand up to this?

Yes!  We have cabins in Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles, Wick, Thurso, and down in Whithorn.  On the side of hills, and down the coasts of both sides of Scotland.  We promise you, it will be fine.

Do you offer finance for the cabin?

We do indeed.  Please talk to the team about your options for this.  There are better options than us, so please do not feel obliged to use ours!

Do I need a fan for my cabin?

Never for a Scotia Cabin.  It is constructed so that it works on a natural draw, so that is why one of our base designs work.  If you do install your own concrete base, (which is fine to do) please follow our instructions and don’t let the person doing so get creative!  Nothing can ever ‘break’ around the fire or flue, so you will always have the safest cabin on the market

What other safety aspects are there to the cabin?

Scotia Cabins always come with a CO monitor and a Fire Extinguisher.   We also recommend that you purchase your own fire blanket for peace of mind.

Is a sloping walled cabin the best option?


Our supplier has the trademark and copyright to sloping walled cabins in the UK, and therefore we are able to sell these to our customers in Scotland with confidence that they are getting the very best.

Would you prefer to sit in a deckchair or a church pew?  This is really the difference between the two.  If we’re eating and having a dram, then we know where we would rather be for a big swadge.

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