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How much does a new BBQ Cabin cost?

How much does a new BBQ Cabin cost?

You can feel the difference…when you swap the bricks and mortar of your kitchen and dining room for the warm timber of your BBQ Cabin. You’re closer...

You can feel the difference…

…when you swap the bricks and mortar of your kitchen and dining room for the warm timber of your BBQ Cabin. You’re closer to nature yet sheltered from its less hospitable elements. Your Cabin is a personal space that’s separate, yet connected, to everyday life.

Buying a BBQ Cabin is choosing to invest in your quality of life. Prices for a new Cabin, made from top-grade timber, begin around £10,000. If you’re looking for a larger Cabin, perhaps with extra features, it’s nearer to £15,000.

When you buy one of our BBQ Cabins, these costs include delivery and construction in your chosen spot. Our job’s not done until your new living space is set up. We don’t quite pop the champagne or throw a steak on the grill, but the rest is ready to go.

Buying a BBQ Cabin from us is an investment that will serve you well for years, even decades. We give you a space that extends your house into your garden in a unique and exciting way, straddling the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

How you help determine the cost of your BBQ Cabin

The exact price of your BBQ Cabin depends on a whole lot of choices you get to make.

The first one is choosing to buy from us. You will find less expensive options on the market. Here are some of the reasons why they’re often cheaper:

  • They’re made from immature timber. Being a natural product, wood can warp, split and age faster if it hasn’t reached full maturity.
  • It’s not from a sustainable source. All our timber comes from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications (FSC or PEFC).
  • They’re imported from outside the UK. This means it typically takes longer between your order and the Cabin going up.
  • It’s your job to put them up. A self-assembly Cabin relies on you to have the skills and time to put it up, and comes with no guarantee on the construction.

By choosing a Scotia BBQ Cabin you’re choosing a product built to a high standard of UK craftsmanship, from well-seasoned sustainably sourced timber, that comes with a 10-year guarantee on the building.

Choose the size of your Cabin

The base price of your Cabin is determined by its size, with bigger being more expensive. The smallest fit snugly into a compact suburban garden.

If you’ve got the space, and the budget, a larger model provides an intriguing focal point, while also being a useful indoor space in an outdoor setting.

We have a price list for all our standard designs of BBQ Cabins. Our larger Cabins include an extension option, allowing you to add a few extra metres to their design.

Select the base for your Cabin

Your Cabin must go onto an appropriate base and your choice will influence the price.

The two options are a timber frame or a timber peg frame. The timber frame sits on a solid base such as concrete or paving, while the timber peg frame is pegged into the ground in a manner similar to that used for decking, usually on grass or gravel.

Of the two, the timber peg frame has a slightly higher cost, but avoids you having to lay a solid base in advance of the Cabin going up.

If your Cabin is going into an area with a solid base that’s not large enough, you can have a half and half base, which covers two types of surface.

Options that can alter the price

Your BBQ Cabin will come with the following as standard (in addition to the frame, walls and roof):

  • Double-glazed windows, with the number depending on the model.
  • Double-glazed secure door, complete with Yale lock.
  • Central BBQ grill.
  • Removable tray tables around the grill.
  • Wooden bench seating with pop-up sleeping benches.
  • Bench and extender cushions in a choice of fabrics.
  • LED lights.
  • A carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher.
  • Delivery and installation to your chosen location.
  • Staining on the outside of the Cabin with oil-based preservative.
  • A 10-year guarantee on the walls and roof of the building.

This gives you everything you need to enjoy many long days and evenings in and around your BBQ Cabin.

Many of our customers want to enhance their experience with some of our optional extras. These include:

  • Accessory pack including cups, cutlery, and wooden placemats.
  • Reindeer or sheepskins for that frontier ambiance.
  • Scatter cushions.
  • Additional windows.
  • Curtains for the windows.
  • A tall spark guard.
  • A low threshold door, to avoid the step in.

If you want to bring the price down a little you can take out the LED lights, bench and extender cushions from your order.

What are the ‘hidden costs’ of a BBQ Cabin?

You don’t want to discover that you end up paying more for your BBQ Cabin than the price you’ve agreed to.

We try to factor everything we can into our pricing, both the essentials and the optional extras. But our years of experience and our conversations with hundreds of prospective Cabin buyers have taught us that we can’t predict everything.

Here are other considerations that may affect the overall cost of your BBQ Cabin. As far as possible, we’ll discuss all this with you in advance. None of us wants a last-minute surprise!

  • Your site may require a step and infill around the Cabin base. We can help with this.
  • Installation of electrical supply to your Cabin site. The cable needs to be in place before we put the Cabin up, and you’ll need an electrician to wire up lighting and any other electrics once the Cabin is up.
  • Access to the Cabin build site. If we can’t get close enough, we need extra pairs of hands to help move the Cabin components.
  • Planning permission is usually not required, but may be if the Cabin is going into a conservation area or near to a listed building.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Cabin, such as an annual recoating in preservative, will help give it a much longer life.

Other costs of your Cabin could include the fittings you want inside it.

Your BBQ Cabin is your space, waiting to be personalised to your taste and needs, to give you years of pleasure.

A BBQ Cabin from Scotland’s Premier Cabin supplier

We know our Cabins aren’t the cheapest and you can choose between many other suppliers. However, we’re proud to be providing a high-quality UK product to our customers across Scotland. Treated well, our BBQ Cabins could be sheltering your celebrations, sleepouts, and cosy get-togethers for decades to come.

Not sure what Cabin is right for you? You’re invited to view our Cabins at your own pace on our farm. Bring the kids – you may even get to meet some of our animals.

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