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7 Reasons why a BBQ Cabin is a great purchase

7 Reasons why a BBQ Cabin is a great purchase

A property investment that brings fun, flexibility and makes people happy. A few days after you’ve had a BBQ Cabin installed in your garden, you’ll probably kick yourself...

A property investment that brings fun, flexibility and makes people happy.

A few days after you’ve had a BBQ Cabin installed in your garden, you’ll probably kick yourself and ask: “Why didn’t we do this earlier?”

That’s because the Cabin has made your garden a different place. Not entirely – there’s still space for your favourite plants and flowers, and the veggies, if you’re into growing those.

Owning a BBQ Cabin means you see your garden differently. It’s not just an outdoor space, mostly enjoyed when the sun shines. It’s become more of an outdoor room, with its own unique indoor space.

How do we know? Because as Scotland’s only supplier of BBQ Cabins made in the UK, we see how much our customers love them. Here are 7 reasons why buying a Cabin makes people happy.

1. Enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather

There’s something deeply refreshing about being close to the natural world. But let’s be honest – we prefer not to be wet, cold or uncomfortable. Our Scottish weather delivers gloriously sunny days at any time of year, mixed in with a generous helping of rain or days that are neither one thing nor the other.

Whatever the weather outside, once you’re inside your BBQ Cabin you’re protected from the worst, while able to enjoy the rest. It feels different to being inside bricks and mortar. You can be just as cosy and comfortable, yet closer to nature.

Don’t let the elements choose whether you can cook outdoors. Our BBQ Cabins are built to stand firm whatever the weather, allowing you to BBQ when you want to, not just when the elements permit.

2. Do so much more than BBQ

A BBQ Cabin is so much more than just a space for hosting a BBQ. Tomorrow it can be a yoga studio, then a TV snug, a party venue or a playroom.

Your outdoor room is incredibly versatile. Unlike almost every other room in your house, which has at least one specific job, your BBQ Cabin can become whatever you want it to be.

Your teens need some space with their friends? You’re having some mates round for a drink and a noisy catch up? Want to host an anniversary celebration outside of your regular four walls? Look no further than your own garden.

Our BBQ Cabins also sleep a small number of people, making them ideal when you’re having visitors, or simply as a special place to enjoy the night.

3. It’s an investment in your property

Putting a BBQ Cabin in your garden is like adding an extension to your house. Actually, it is an extension, just not one that’s physically connected to the rest of your property.

It’ll get the neighbours talking and you’ll soon be able to show them around, because our team of expert installers ensure that it goes up quickly.

A BBQ Cabin is so much more than a glorified garden shed, or even a garden office. You’re making a statement that your garden is as important to you as the rest of your property.

It’s an investment that lets you improve your lifestyle and improve the value of your property. And it’s an investment that will serve you well for many years, backed by the long guarantees we provide on the materials it’s built from.

4. You’re choosing a more natural option

A great way to better appreciate the natural world we want to protect is to live closer to it. A BBQ Cabin helps you do that, partly by putting a room in your garden, and partly through the materials it’s built from.

Our BBQ Cabins are made from logs that are much older than you or us. This solid maturity means that with the right care your Cabin could serve you well for decades. This maturity also makes your Cabin easier to heat, because the density of the wood helps absorb and distribute the warmth.

The timber also helps ensure the moisture in the air is always well-balanced, absorbing or releasing it depending on the weather.

All our timber is sourced from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications (FSC or PEFC).

You won’t get these features in a conservatory or building built mainly from uPVC plastic. Nor from a budget BBQ Cabin that’s made from younger, less resilient timber.

5. Installed quickly and easily

It doesn’t take long to put up a BBQ Cabin. There’s usually no need to get planning permission, because most Cabins fall into the category of ‘permitted development’. Avoiding this bureaucracy immediately slices a big chunk of time off the process.

Then there’s no need to do a lot of groundwork, unlike when you put up an extension. Other than a solid base and an electrical supply, your spot is ready for the Cabin to be put up.

As for how long it takes to build the Cabin itself – that depends on who’s putting it up. Wherever you are in Scotland, we have a team who build the Cabin exactly where you want it. Before it arrives, you’ll have already worked with us to agree on the exact layout of the Cabin.

Another benefit of a BBQ Cabin from us is that it can be delivered faster than from most other suppliers. Our Cabins are made in the UK, not shipped in from overseas.

6. Designed to suit your space

We have loads of different BBQ Cabin designs. Some are intimately small, others are sprawling affairs that would look great on a country estate. Whatever your budget (in both space and finance) there’s something for you.

We offer over 30 variations on standard BBQ Cabins. Add to that customisations, from extra windows through to other features including lighting and interior fittings.

Every Cabin we build is made to order, so there’s always room for making some adjustments to the standard designs. Yes, it may add something to the price, but that’s worth it to get a space that’s tailored to what you want.

And don’t forget, a BBQ Cabin can be used for much more than just hosting BBQs.

7. Fun and different approach to a garden room

Our love affair with garden sheds has blossomed into something so much more exciting. BBQ Cabins have become massively popular in Scotland over the last few years, as people want to add flexible space to their home.

The attraction of the BBQ Cabin goes well beyond having an all-weather outdoor cooking space in a construction with character. Your Cabin is a unique space that sits on the boundary between indoors and outdoors, offering the comforts of one alongside the ambience of being close to nature.

On top of that, it’s a space where you can have fun with interior design. You can get away with making it quirky, distinctive and memorable more easily than inside your ‘proper’ house. And you can change it to suit the mood, and the need.

There are loads of reasons for buying a BBQ Cabin. There are also lots of different suppliers to choose from, and we’re not the cheapest. But we only supply Cabins that we know are going to give you years of fun and enjoyment.

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