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Decorating your bbq cabin

Decorating your bbq cabin

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your cabin? Here you go!

Decorating your BBQ Hut

Decorating the inside of a BBQ hut can be an exciting and rewarding project. A barbecue hut, often a cosy, rustic retreat for cooking and socialising, provides a unique space to experiment with different interior design elements.

The key to a successful BBQ cabin decoration lies in blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring the space is both inviting and practical for cooking and gathering. Our blog today will delve into various aspects of decorating a BBQ hut, covering themes, furniture, lighting, accessories, and practical considerations.

Theme and Style

Choosing a theme or style for your BBQ hut sets the foundation for the entire decorating process. When choosing your cushion colour, if you have a long term plan in mind, that can help make the decision for you at this point. Here are a few popular themes:

Rustic Charm:

Emphasise natural materials like the wood and stone. Use earthy tones and textures to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Decorate with vintage or antique items such as lanterns, cast-iron cookware, and wooden benches. These can all be added externally as well to create a great look.

Modern Elegance:

Opt for sleek, clean lines with minimalistic furniture. Use a neutral color palette with accents of black, white, and metallic finishes. Incorporate modern BBQ equipment and contemporary art pieces to add a sophisticated touch. With wood being the main material, it can be tricky, but not impossible to manage this.

Coastal Retreat:

Bring in elements of the sea with light, airy colors like white, blue, and turquoise. Use wicker furniture, nautical décor, and plenty of natural light to create a breezy, relaxed environment.

Country Cottage:

Focus on comfort and homeliness with soft furnishings, floral patterns, and pastel colors. Add personal touches like handmade crafts, quilts, and cushions to enhance the cosy feel.

Scottish Heritage:

Choosing one of the plaids for cushions, allows a seamless way of building from this, and creating a fabulous 'Scottish' space with stags, grouse, tartans and Irn Bru added in there.


Selecting the right furniture is crucial for both functionality and comfort in and around your BBQ hut. Consider the following elements:


Comfortable seating is essential for entertaining guests. As your bbq cabin will comes with built-in seating area around the BBQ pit. Cushions and throws can add extra comfort and style. There are also the options of having reindeer or sheep skins too.

Outdoor Dining Area:

Including a dining table and chairs for sit-down meals outside the cabin for those actual warm days, of the the children can really boost the look of the cabin area. A rustic wooden table can be both functional and stylish, fitting well with various themes.


Adequate storage for BBQ tools, utensils, and other essentials is important. There are some spaces under some of the benches for some storage boxes, as well as in the small loft.


Ensure there are sufficient surfaces for food preparation. You can add a butchers block, or if enough room, a small trolley to help with the prep and serving. Keeping work surfaces clean will help enormously when you come to start cooking too.


Proper lighting can transform the ambiance of your BBQ hut, making it a more inviting space during both day and night. Here are some lighting ideas:

Ambient Lighting:

Soft, warm lighting creates a cosy atmosphere. Consider string lights, lanterns, or fairy lights to add a magical touch. For a rustic look, vintage-style Edison bulbs can be a great choice. These all look amazing outside the cabin

Task Lighting:

Ensure there is adequate lighting for cooking and food preparation. LED strip lights that can be supplied with the cabin do an excellent job here.

Accent Lighting:

Highlight specific features of your BBQ hut with accent lighting. This could be a spotlight on a piece of artwork, uplighting on a plant, or a lantern hanging from the ceiling. How about adding LED strips to the underside of the pelmets outside the cabin?

Accessories and Décor

Accessories and décor items add personality and charm to your BBQ cabin. Here are some ideas to consider:

Wall Art:

Hang artwork, photos, or decorative plates on the walls to add visual interest. Depending on your theme, this could include vintage signs, nature prints, or coastal landscapes. We have seen a full size sword in the roof too!


Soft furnishings like cushions, rugs, and curtains can add color and texture to your BBQ hut. Choose materials that are easy to clean, especially given the potential for smoke and grease.


Plants can bring life and freshness to your BBQ hut. Opt for low-maintenance indoor plants or even faux plants if you prefer. Hanging plants, potted herbs, or a small vertical garden can enhance the space. Outisde, these can help ward off beasties.

BBQ Essentials:

Display your BBQ tools and accessories in a way that adds to the décor. For example, hang tools on a pegboard, use attractive containers for spices, or showcase your best grilling recipes in a decorative binder.

Personal Touches:

Incorporate items that reflect your personality and interests. This could be a collection of travel souvenirs, handmade crafts, or family heirlooms.

Practical Considerations

When decorating a BBQ hut, it’s important to keep practical aspects in mind to ensure the space is safe, durable, and easy to maintain.


Good ventilation is crucial in a BBQ hut to prevent smoke buildup and ensure a comfortable environment. Make sure nothing blocks the vents or base outside.

Heat Resistance:

Materials used in a BBQ hut should be heat-resistant, especially around the cooking area. Avoid flammable materials and opt for non-combustible surfaces like stone, metal, or fire-resistant wood.


Choose furniture and décor items that can withstand the elements. Materials like treated wood, metal, and outdoor fabrics are good options. Remember to wash and maintain all of these for longevity.

Easy Cleaning:

Given the potential for spills, grease, and smoke, select materials and finishes that are easy to clean. Removable cushion covers, washable rugs, and wipeable surfaces will make maintenance easier. Our cushion covers all come off and go in the washing machine, and come out like new.


Ensure that the BBQ area is safe, with no flammable materials nearby. Keep the fire extinguisher handy and make sure there are clear paths for evacuation in case of an emergency.

Examples of BBQ Hut Décor

To inspire your BBQ hut decorating project, here are some examples of well-decorated BBQ huts:

The Cosy Cabin:

This BBQ hut features a rustic, cabin-like atmosphere with wooden walls, a stone fireplace, and cozy seating. Soft lighting from lanterns adds warmth, while a large outdoor dining table provides ample space for gatherings. Décor items include vintage signs, plaid cushions, and a collection of antique cookware displayed on open shelves.

The Modern Oasis:

A sleek, modern BBQ hut with a minimalist design. Clean lines, a monochromatic color scheme, and stainless steel appliances create a contemporary look. Extra windows provide natural light, while recessed lighting and under-cabinet LEDs ensure functional lighting. The space is accented with modern art, a few strategically placed plants, and high-quality grilling tools neatly organized.

The Beachside Retreat:

This coastal-themed BBQ hut features light, airy colors, and plenty of natural light. Wicker furniture, nautical décor, and soft blue accents create a relaxing, beachy vibe. A small herb garden adds greenery, while string lights and lanterns enhance the ambiance. The cooking area is equipped with a built-in BBQ, a wooden countertop, and plenty of storage for beachside picnics.

The Country Cottage:

A charming barbecue shed with a cottage feel, featuring pastel colors, floral patterns, and lots of personal touches. Soft cushions, a patchwork quilt, and handmade crafts add to the homely atmosphere. The walls are adorned with family photos and artwork, while the cooking area includes vintage-inspired appliances and decorative jars for spices and condiments.


Decorating the inside of BBQ huts involves a thoughtful blend of aesthetics and functionality. By choosing a cohesive theme, selecting comfortable and practical furniture, incorporating appropriate lighting, and adding personal touches with accessories and décor, you can create a space that is both inviting and practical. Keep practical considerations in mind to ensure safety and durability, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your design choices. With careful planning and creativity, your BBQ hut can become a cherished retreat for cooking, socialising, and making lasting memories with family and friends.

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