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A review of the BBQ Cabin Suppliers across the UK

A review of the BBQ Cabin Suppliers across the UK

Not sure who to get your BBQ Cabin from? Here is our tuppenceworth of opinion and findings on many of the bigger companies out there supplyling BBQ Huts

Review of BBQ Cabin Suppliers across theUK

So here wego, here is a short review of all of the BBQ Cabin Suppliers, mostly in Scotland, but also some across the UK. This is to help you the buyer, make as informed a choice aspossible.  This is by far not all the information available, but one does not want to harp on too much!

Wehave some rules when we do this, which are:

1 – we only take info from their website or reviews

2 – this is not about Scotia Cabins, but other suppliers out there

3 – We are only talking about the BBQ Cabin range these suppliers have, not any other products they may supply.

We picked 5 topics which everyone gets the most questions about, and that we felt are usually the initial questions people have when choosing a BBQ Cabin.  There are tonnes more questions, but again,harping!


LogSpan are based in Dumbarton and have been on the go for a really long time, and are second generation run.  For their BBQ Cabin range, they seem to have 6 different styles, with 2 in stock so will guess that they order in when needed for the other cabins, which is sensible.  LogSpan have a show site in Dumbarton where you can see their cabins.

LogSpan have an additional charge for their bases, but couldn’t see an awful lot of instructions about how these operated or how to install.  They will deliver nationwide (usually charges for being far away are applied) and you are able to install yourself, or have LogSpan install for you.  They supply straight walled cabins only.  Internally,LogSpan have 3 different cushion colour options, and the benches are not fixed to the wall.  We didn’t see any info about lighting options.



Fettes are another family run business, this time based near Muir of Ord.  They appear to have a show site you can visit at the mill.  They are a sawmill as well as supplying a variety of products.  For their BBQ Cabin range, Fettes have 2 different models, with one other that is quite different to the usual BBQ cabin style.

Their info on bases is that it can be installed on decking or a concrete slab, but I couldn’t see where they were able to install too.  You have to ask Fettes for quotes and costs on this.  Fettes do seem to be happy tolet you install yourself.  So I am guessing there are instructions given somewhere.  They supply straight walled cabins only.  One thing I did find a bit bamboozling was their interiors.  There seemed to be alot of options, which included adding in a grill!?!  Cushions are possible, but don’t know the colour options.

Forest Log Cabins

Forest LogCabins are up in Aberdeenshire, and again, have been about for a while.  They have 17 different models of BBQ Cabin on their website, but unsure of all 17 are available to view at their site.  They have no info that we could find on their site about what the base requirements are. Forest Log Cabins also not mention where they install, and who does, or doesn’t install.  They mostly stock straight walled cabins, but say they have sloping options as well.  For interiors, Forest Log Cabins offer blue or brown cushions only.  Their cabins have 3 windows, of which one opens.  


AMR Sheds

AMR Sheds are based in Falkirk, and sell lots of different products, of which BBQ Cabins are one of them.  They have 4 models available, although we couldn’t see where you could view these.  AMR Sheds have some sheds available to view at Klondyke Garden Centre.  AMR Sheds do not talk about what your base requirements would be anywhere we could find on the site.  We are going to assume that the cabin is a self build option, as there is no mention of an installation team, but will deliver free to you.  We wonder if this is countrywide though?

AMR Cabins are straight walled only.  Again, 3 windows, which only 1 opens.  They do not mention lights, cushions or anything else about their interiors.


Carrbank Garden Centre

Another company with a lot of products going on, including 14 different BBQ Huts.  These look to be the same model at Timber Building Specialists, and Forest Log Cabins rages.  Which is fine, they all come from a decent manufacturer in Europe.  There is some base information from Carrbank, which is that you can do this yourself, or by them.  Carrbank recommend a concrete or a framed base.  Their range has both straight walled, and sloping walled cabins within it.

They will deliver to within 150 miles of Carrbank Garden Centre.  Anything beyond that is charged accordingly.  Collection from them is also possible.  They are the only company we could find that did this.  Carrbank are also able to install if needed for a charge.  Their interiors seemed a little basic, with again only one opening window, blue or brown cushions, and no mention of lights.




Timber Building Specialists

We head further south in the UK now to TBS, who supply a huge array of products.  Timber Building Specialists have 15 different BBQ Hut models online, which are all straight walled from what we could see.  They have 3 different sites across England to view their products, but unsure if there are any BBQ Cabins at any of these.

Timber Building Specialists don’t mention anything we could see on their site about bases for your BBQ cabin, although at the bottom of their site did have a decent page about the sorts of bases you need to install.  They are definitely a delivery only company.  We find their claim of being UK wide a bit sour to take when they have zones of what things will cost to deliver, and anything north of Falkirk is in the Red Zone!

Timber Building Specialists also seem to have options of you adding in the grill (surely an integral part of a bbq cabin and a given? Otherwise isn’t it just a cabin?).  There was no mention of cushions or lights, or if the windows open.

Grill Cabin UK

We are quite far away from us now with Grill Cabin UK based in Bath.  They have a large range of products too, with 20 different styles of BBQ Cabin available. We are excited to see on the main BBQ Cabin page, there is a section about bases, maintenance and usage!  The base seems to be prepared by you, or by a contractor and they prefer a hardstanding base such as a patio or concrete.

Grill Cabin UK look to offer an installation service which we found from a photo with an installer wearing a Grill Cabin UK hoodie in it.  We couldn’t work out what their delivery situation was from looking online, you had to call.  

They mostly offer straight walled cabins, but with some sloped options.  All accessories and grills (again??) are additional extras.  Grill Cabin UK did not mention cushions or lights.  There did seem to be some options with the grills, which is maybe why they do not include it in the price.


Summerhouse 24

Summerhouse 24 has 9 BBQ Cabin options on their range, and are clear that this is a DIY option, they do not install.  We couldn’t find a lot of info about bases on their site. Their styles are a mix of sloping and straight, also with 2 different grill options, and 1 opening window. Cushions appear to be available, but we couldn’t work out what colours again.

Summerhouse 24 also offer UK wide ‘free’ delivery. If you live in their Zone 1. Zones 2,3, and 4 are all chargeable, and we aren’t totally sure they would go to Zone 4.  With Scotland falling into zones 2-4, we know we would be charged on top of their quoted price for a building from here.



Penguin Hot Tubs

Back to Scotland for these chaps who are exclusive stockists of their brand of BBQ Cabins.  There are 11 barbecue huts in their range, mostly straight, but a few sloping options too.  They don’t have any info about the bases for their BBQ Cabins, but Penguin Hot Tubs will deliver and install UK wide, and only mention the Scottish isles as having additional costs (which they are open and honest about).

Penguin Hot Tubs also have 2 different grill options, back to the one opening window also.  Cushions look to be available, but no idea what colour options you would have.


Arctic Cabins

Back south of the border for this company to Ilkeston and the only UK manufacturer of BBQ Cabins.  Arctic Cabins have 8 main sizes of BBQ Cabins, and lots of variations beyond that.  We guess that is the luxury of being the manufacturer.  They talk about bases on their site, and have 3 options for this. They install all their cabins, so there is no option for DIY with ArcticCabins.

They will deliver and install UK wide, but beyond 100 miles from the factory, this will come at a hefty charge.  They have a number of other dealers who exclusively supply and install their cabins across the UK.  Arctic Cabins have trademarked the sloping style of BBQ Cabin, and can do straight walled as well.

For interiors, they have fixed benches, millions of different cushions colours, and supply lights.  All their windows open(apart from the door one), and can install more windows if needed.  They have one grill option which comes as standard with all the BBQ Hut, unless requested otherwise.



Phew!  There. All done.  There was a lot of interesting info on these sites, and a lot of frustration too with info not being readily or easily available, or people being penalised due to a perception of how far away things are! That is a big red flag for us. Islanders are OK about being charged, but don’t say ‘UK wide free delivery’ if it is not!

A couple of things we encourage you to check out when making your purchase – base requirements and installation, and what comes with the cabin internally.  If you do decide to do this yourself don’t under estimate the task, you have to be pretty good with power tools, measuring etc to do this on your own, and we can guarantee you will need to butter up a pal to hold things at some point.

So there you have it.  10 of the biggest barbecue cabin suppliers across Scotland and the UK. This list is not exhaustive, there will be other suppliers also.  We hope that this helps with your decision making when it comes to your bbq cabin.  Happy Shopping!