Adapting a bbq cabin to a outdoor learning space will give your learning environment, a unique and special place for your pupils to thrive.

All of our bbq cabins can have the bbq unit taken out, and replaced with a solar pipe at the top, so that you have natural light coming in at all times.  With the huge amount of natural insulation there already is within the cabin, you can keep these entirely off-grid if you wished.

With adapted cushions too, that are easy to clean and wipe down after the muddy boots have been in, your learners can be warm and cosy and out of the worst of the Scottish weather while still enjoying the great outdoors.

The 10m cabin, and the 17m cabin can also have extensions added to them, to further increase your outdoor learning space.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas and options for the space you have, and lets help you create a truly fantastic learning experience for your pupils.

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