Self Catering Cabins

Our expertise in cabin design and build means that self catering and accommodation projects can take on another exciting dimension.  Scotia Cabins has a number of case studies when our cabins are located to take advantage of the stunning Scottish countryside.

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Camping Pod Arch

If you are looking to increase all year-round occupancy in your self-catering project, or current business, the fully equipped Camping Pod Arch is perfect. The natural beauty of the Arches means it will sit in harmony with your rural surroundings.

Arches can be supplied with or without beds, and can be designed to sleep between 2-8 people.

In any size of Camping Pod Arch, and toilet/shower room can be incorporated within the design.

All the Camping Pod Arches are the same basic shape, with the largest Camping Pod Arch having a more usable space compared to most camping pods on the market due to the straight walls.

The width of the Camping Pod Arch can be anywhere between 2.5m and 3.4m. This is the maximum width that can be transported on roads without a movement order, thus keeping the delivery costs down for you


The length can be between 3.5m and 5m long. Again, this allows two Camping Pod Arches to be transported on a lorry load at a time, also helping with costs.

According to official government guidelines, the Camping Pod Arches can be technically described as a caravan because they are portable and delivered in one piece, thus also helping with planning permission. There are a range of accessories available, including a short or long porch, a bespoke design service, and the fitting of beds and bunks beds. Kitchens and bathroom suites can also be installed, from our trained and skilled installers and recommended sub-contractors.


The cabins can be designed to sleep 2-14 people! This gives you space to create a luxurious cabin, with free standing furniture and furnishings of your choice.

To sleep larger groups of 6-14, these cabins are designed with dormitory style bunks around the edge. These are great for youth hostels, or outdoor centres.  The shape of the camping cabin is inspired by the traditional ‘kota’ cabins of Finland, where they would be used as saunas and/or barbecue cabins.

10m Camping Cabin





The main cabin has a floor space of 10m, 17m or even 25m squared.

 A porch is fitted as standard, which can be extended to 2m if needed. Perfect for storing muddy boots, coats and bikes for example.

A side room can be added to any of these cabins in single, or more commonly double width. These are usually 3m long and can add an excellent dimension onto your camping cabin.

The cabins are supplied empty. There is the option to add in a kitchenette, shower room and various beds. We are also able to put you in touch with our preferred electricians and plumbers.

All our cabins are installed by our in-house installation team, who have many years experience of building our cabins.

17m Camping Cabin


Camping Lodge

Annex style lodges that offer luxurious hotel room style accommodation.  These lodges can be built up to 30m sq to give you ample room to develop the internal area and finish it with your own unique touches.

The lodge has an entrance and shower room already built in, so you can choose whether to add a kitchenette area as well.

Designed to be modern and stylish with lots of natural light and opportunity for guests to enjoy your view.  Our timber lodge studio buildings have a multitude of alternative uses, such as garden studios, offices, gyms, music rooms, photography studios, therapy room and so many more.

Each timber building is designed to fit your specific needs and can be clan in cedar, redwood or cedral.  All of the buildings are hand built on your site, anywhere in the Scottish mainland or Islands.





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