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Since October 2008, in England, outbuildings have been covered by ‘permitted development’ rights – a type of planning classification which means that you have automatic planning permission without application subject to certain restrictions.The main restriction is that your house is not ‘listed’, and that you’re outside ‘Designated land’ – which includes National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas and World Heritage Sites. So, if you’re not in one of those areas, you qualify for permitted development rights.

Put simply, your Cabin should be sited at least 1 metres from any boundary (e.g. your garden fence) and should not take up more than 50% of your garden space. It should not be sited on land forward of a wall forming the ‘principal elevation’ (that means not in front of the house).Our Cabins do not generally need building regulations approval provided you do not intend to install sleeping accommodation. Of course normal safety standards should be adhered to, particularly regarding any electrical connections.

Planning laws here in Scotland are different, but were similarly relaxed in February 2012. Please see here for more information click here.

If you are in a Conservation area, or have a listed building property, please talk to your local planning department.  We would be delighted to help you where we can with this.

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